Lady Esmeralda 'Emerald' Archer

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Lady Esmeralda 'Emerald' Archer

Post  Anthony the Monk on Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:52 pm

Name Lady Esmeralda 'Emerald' Archer

Age 24

Race Arthurian

Weapon bow and arrow, and two daggers with emeralds on the pommel

Appearance 5'10'' with long black hair, she wears fine green armor lined with emeralds.


Emerald wind with a wave of her hand, she can send powerful gusts of wind at her opponents, strong enough to propel shards of grass at enemies piercing their armor.

History Despite being a year younger than Sir Anthony, she was even more of a talented knight, defeating all the knights at the trials in one single battle. this was a feat only accomplished by her superior Cinder, and a few other knights. She was given the rank of 1st Lieutenant , and quickly rose through the ranks until she found herself at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Weakness She suffers from chronic headaches, these cause her great pain and sap her concentration.
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