Lady Amelia 'Cinder' Swiftsword

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Lady Amelia 'Cinder' Swiftsword

Post  Anthony the Monk on Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:55 pm

Name: Amelia Swiftsword

Age: 27

Race: Arthurian

Personality: She is very quick to anger, having been known to burn people who disobey orders, the more important, the worse. She's also very strict in order to keep her underlings in line, but manages to also show a soft side when necessary. Aware of her great beauty, she uses it to rein in certain knights.

Weapon: A red blade with a ruby on the pommel, the blade produces flames when Cinder says "Burn, Hephaestus!"

Appearance: 5'9'' with shoulder length red hair, she usually wears a suit of red armor lined with rubies, with a helm with a giant ruby on the forehead, she has long red talons she transmits her fire powers through.


Lovely kiss - She blows a fire kiss mark at an opponent, and when it comes in close enough it explodes with explosive power burning any one caught in the explosion to a pile of cinders.

Fire saber - She can create a fire sword if her's is not in hand, and use it just like any other sword, yet this is more useful.

History: Being the daughter of High General Ector, though he was a colonel at the time she was of age of paigehood, she was trained by the finest of knights. She learned quite fast, to the point of being able to defeat several knights in combat, though not with strength, but with blinding speed. When she was knighted she effortlessly became High champion of the Trials, and earned the rank of High Sergeant.

Weaknesses: Her armor is light and flexible, allowing her to use her speed, at the cost of heavy damage should an enemy get lucky, and strike her in the abs. If this happens, or if she's hit in any other important place, she'll be slowed considerably.
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