Lady Emily Stonewall

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Lady Emily Stonewall

Post  Anthony the Monk on Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:01 pm

Name Emily Stonewall

Age 22

Race Arthurian

Weapon Bow and arrows that were handed down to her by her father Duke Hector Stonewall of Camelot.

Appearance 5'3" with long brown hair that is usually in a pony tail, she wears light green armor with the emblem of her family's house


Multiplication - She can use magic to multiply an arrow she had just fired, up to 20 times, releasing a barrage of 20 arrows.

History She was Trained by her Captain, Sir Anthony Blackhawk, then a hotshot sergeant who taught her how to weild a sword and shield, however she went down the path of the bow when she saw Lady Amelia 'Cinder' Swiftsword's proficiency with said weapon, and learned from her the skill of wielding the weapon.

Weakness - She really has no weakness, but really has no strengths, she really got to be a lieutenant by hardwork.
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