Sir Anthony the Great

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Sir Anthony the Great

Post  Anthony the Monk on Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:35 am

Name: Anthony Blackhawk

Age: 25

Race: Arthurian

Weapon: Two 3' tall swords sheathed on his back and a rapier with a minor stun spell placed on the tip, sheathed at his waist.

Appearance: 5' 8" tall with a full set of black armor, muscular, and stuff.


Wind Strike: Swipes at the air, sending a shock wave at a distant opponent.

Rock Shield: Stabs a sword into the ground removing a small chunk of earth to use as shield if his is not in hand.

Hard Skin: Hardens his skin for a minute, thus making him stronger, and more durable, at the cost of speed.

History: At the age of 11, he became the Paige to the son of Sir Ector, Sir Victor, and from him learned the code of chivalry. For 5 years he served him, and learned from him until he was able to become a Knight.

Weakness: Women, and a scar that is on his shoulder, caused by a dark steel blade. It pains him at times to the point where he is immobilized for several seconds.
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