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Name : Tetsu Harumon

Age : Believed to be between 19 - 24

Race : Human / Neko / Spiritual / Anthromorphic

Weapon :
Gun Blade

Pistol Cannons

Machine Gun

Appearance :

Abilities/Skills :

History : Tetsu was strained at a young age to pratice fighting due to the savage nature in his village, crime was at a very high rate and after 4 years of life, his mother became a victim. Soon following that his father became strict, and was gaining large sums of money. After he grew to the age of 15 his fathers empire grew into that of a Mafia death squad. He spent his time being controlled by his father as his servant to collect money form those who owed him. He visited his Mothers grave only to find A large box, plain white with a note on it and it read, "Save Yourself From This Horrible Nightmare, Love Matsu." He cried for hours, not opening the box to see what it held. But soon he carried the box around just as a charm to help him in his mission. On his final mission he was sent to murder this man who stole money, When he arrived he saw the man was using the money to help orphaned children whose parents were killed to villains like his father. Staying his blade his father's general ordered his men to kill Tetsu. After a long fight Tetsu was chained to a the ground and His fathers men about to kill him, Clinging to the box that was left by his mother he unwrapped the mysterious gift and grabbed hold of a hilt. With his might he swung the hilt out of the box to show his mothers War sword. It was a large sword, secretly concealing a gun, the trigger was within the handle and he destroyed the men around him with his rage. He trained for several months before confronting his Fathers empire, 2 weeks after the first assault he busted through the doors of his fathers Throne, His father begged and pleaded for his life, But Tetsu warm heart stayed his blade, his father stabbed him in the back, thinking that the wound was gonna kill him, Then revealed that he himself killed his mother for the money. Tetsu finshed the job by pinning his father to the throne with the weapons that made him into the Tyrant he was today... Tetsu now wanders the world helping those who need, and vanquishing those who seek to do others wrong. Along with his Gun Blade he carries, he now also carries Two snub nosed Cannon Pistols, and A large Machine gun.

Weakness : Dense Area's, Area's where he can't use his hearing, and low visibility area's.

(Help Wanted.) I Used Leons Gun Blade cause I couldn't Find one that was either better looking or good quality, Help me find a better one please <3
(I Dont Own The right Of none of the pictures used in this Character Description.)


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