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Post  Shadow on Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:55 am

Name: Often called Shadow, her real name still remains a mystery.
Age: Her age is unknown
Race: Vampiric, Demonic, Angelic, and Wolven
Weapon: Often uses a katana, but if she is weaponless she will use whatever seems fit.
Appearance: (Girl on the right)

Abilities/Skills: Her eyes can change color so that she can put a person in a trance....into doing whatever she wants (Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't depending on the person), Her speed is faster than Mach 2, Her strength is average (nothing great), Chaos based powers (Light/Darkness), Her eyesight is better then an average person's, and She has a very good talent of creating potions for different types of purposes.
History: In the olden times she was born into a family who was of royal blood. The family had many secrets that she came to know herself later on, for that I will not tell you....but later in life she found out that her family was not just an ordinary family...the blood that ran through their veins was four specific things....Vampiric...Demonic...Angelic...and Wolven. To this day she remains silent about her past for obvious reasons of a growing hatred for humanity and the people who are oblivious to what is really happening.
Weakness: She needs to feed on blood once a month, if she does not...she will go on a hunting spree, which will blind her very greatly. She also has not too great of strength.

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