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The Isshin Knights is a separate forum in a sense. With it's own separate storyline, limitations, and characters it's a different way to RP. A new way to look at things brings more fun with it's differences.

In the Isshin Knights world there are three section of Knights: Isshin Knights, Trinity Knights, and Blood Knights. They all exist on the same continent. Each group has a strong hatred for one another. Against each group the Knights fight for power, pride, and the most important reason, to simply beat the shit out of each other. They also compete within their own castles. They fight for the Top 4 spots to get special privileges. This can only be achieved by proving that they're the strongest by fighting battles against other groups' Knights and winning, or in certain cases a direct battle with one of the Top 4 Knights could earn you a spot. Assuming you win of course.

The description of the HeadQuarters of each Knights' group as well as the history behind each one can be found in the respective Knights' forums.

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