Castle Camelot

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Castle Camelot

Post  Anthony the Monk on Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:24 pm

High General Ector rode towards a patrol of his most trusted Lieutenants, and a squadron of soldiers that numbered in at 100. There had been reports of a group of bandits that have been terrorizing villages within the kingdom. King Arthur the 99th had personally requested that He and no other officer to oversee the patrol. Once they entered the walls of Camelot, he stopped, as did the soldiers who followed him.

"Report back to the Barracks to Colonel Swiftsword, Major return with them. As for the rest of you, you'll come with me, King Arthur will need to be informed of the happenings in his kingdom."

He rode on, and his lieutenants follow.

Major Blackthorn Stood before Colonel Amelia 'Cinder' Swiftsword, an officer who temper was legendary amongst the warriors of the kingdom of Camelot, and those outside. He handed her an envelope with information garnered from their patrols. She dismissed him with a wave of her hand, sketching a little salute when he saluted, then turned away when he left.

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