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Sir Anthony Blackhawk sat at his desk, asleep with his head on his arms. There was a pile of orders that had been sitting there, and had been slowly shrinking for the last few hours that he'd been asleep. His lieutenant had been issuing them throughout the ranks, to other Lieutenants, to the sergeants, and the lower ranked knights. She, that is Lieutenant Emily stonewall had been on her 3rd trip when she bumped into possibly the worst officer you could ever bump into.

Before her stood Colonel Amelia 'Cinder' Swiftsword, the daughter of High General Ector Swiftsword, who stood in a full suit of red armor that was lined by sparkling rubies, she held her helm at her waist tapping the bottom of it with her long red nails. She then spoke to her, her voice as pleasant as the Sirens' in the old myths. Quite seductive, but has been reported to be heard in the darkest of nightmares of those, who were under her command, who have incurred her wrath

"Lieutenant Emily Stonewall... I distinctly remember informing you last week... NOT to do your lazy Captains' work. I realize you respect him, and would like for him to not be removed from his position of Head of the 20th battle unit, but... if I hear that you're doing all of his work again, I'll demote you down to Lance Corporal, maybe lower. Why? Because of insubordination, and because as a lieutenant, you should only assist with a bit of his work, not all of it."

Cinder took the remaining paperwork from Lieutenant Emily Stonewall, who had then sunk down against a stone wall, sweating profusely. Few people have ever gotten off this easy. She stood up and returned to the offices of the 20th Battle division, and froze when she had seen that the door to Sir Anthony's office had been ripped off it's hinges, smoking rising from deep claw marks, and that her Captain had burn marks on his face that lined claw marks. Cinder stood before him poking Anthony's chest with a claw burnig his tunic more with every poke.

"I've had it with you, asking your lieutenant to do all of your work, while you sleep like a fool. I don't care if your my Brother's favorite soldier, or my Father's favorite, the next time you pull this shit, I'll remove you from your position of power, revoke your knighthood, and I will remove what you love most, after that, I'll remove YOU from this city, and I'll do it with a smile on my face knowing that our army loses one of it's worst captains in history. Now take these orders... and dispatch them to the last branch of ranked knights, you have one hour."

The colonel placed the papers in front of them, in the top right corner there were scorch marks where she held them, and they formed the words One Hour. She turned away flicking her hands at Anthony, sending sparks onto his face, causing him to look away, preventing him from staring at her ass. As she passed Lieutenant Stonewall, she grabbed her and led her to her office on the other side of the barracks. She motioned to a chair, and walked over to her desk, and sat down in her chair. She smiled softly when she found that Lieutenant Emily Stonewall was still standing.

"Please, have a seat, good, now don't move from that seat... at all. I'd rather not have to demote you down to nothing, after the years of hard work you put in to get where you are now. I see you've noticed the envelope on my desk... confidential information... anyways, I'm needed elsewhere, stay here, feel free to read a book, but if you even lay one foot outside my office..."

Colonel Amelia Swiftsword stood up, and walked out.
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