Sir Albert the Swift

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Sir Albert the Swift

Post  Anthony the Monk on Mon Aug 16, 2010 10:54 pm

Name: Albert Castle

Age: 33

Race: Arthurian

Weapon: An extending staff that is sheathed on his back and twin blades sheathed at both sides of his waists.

Appearance: Like Legolas the elf.


Swift Execution: With his speed, he sneaks up on his opponent, and lops off his head from behind.

Cyclone: He leaps forward as if to tackle, and has his staff extend, then he spins around to create a small cyclone. Any projectile that comes in close is sucked in, then fired back at it's owner. Slung stones, and arrows, I mean, but a canon ball, or if a flail is used, it would cause the cyclone to be demolished, and him to be sent back several feet.

History: Once a Captain for the armies for the castle Blackskull, he went turncoat when his C.O., Colonel Demente D. Kiler ordered his unit to attack Demasta, the capital an empire that has been at war with their's for a century. He kept these order to himself, and ordered them to return to Bs castle, while he himself went on a scouting mission. He ended up in a familiar kingdom where he was found half dead, then Colonel Ector.

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