Sir Ector the Mighty

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Sir Ector the Mighty

Post  Anthony the Monk on Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:27 pm

Name: Ector Swiftsword

Age: 50

Race: Arthurian

Weapon: A rapier and a small shield.

Appearance: 5' and 10", he wears the finest armor afforded only to the Kingdom's greatest Generals.


Gale strikes: Hundreds of sword strikes send many shock waves to distant opponents, he could level an a small army with this attack.

History: A paige to not just any noble, but to a Descendant to the mighty first King Arthur, Prince Arthur the 98th. For whom he has assisted in defeating the armies of Melandoth at the Castle Serandon.

Weakness: Resigned to an office where he issues orders to his commanders, who relay them through the ranks, he has been out of practice, and is not as strong as he once was, and at his age, it is hard to get back to shape.
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